Your hands make the magic


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The Makery, Straßburger Str. 37, 10405 Berlin


Join us for this inspiring evening workshop where you’ll be introduced to The Celestial Oracle Cards Coloring Book with a talk by its creator Amy Stafford.


Starting with a fun romp through the history of the Tarot and its influential female artists, moving on into the science of magic, color and archetypes, the talk weaves together rich threads from many disciplines. Alongside the wisdom of the oracles, you’ll also learn practical tips on color theory and its symbolism.


Filled with new knowledge, insights and techniques for charging your deck with powerful meaning, you’ll be ready to begin creating a highly personalized deck of Celestial Oracle Cards that can serve you for years to come.

Dive deep into these rich subjects


Oracle Cards

• The history of the Tarot

• Notable female Tarot artists

• The origin of the oracles

• Card symbolism and interpretation

• The magic of the hand made


Color & Mark Making

• A gentle introduction to color theory

• The symbolic meaning of colors

• Color stories & mood boards

• Mark-making techniques and tips

• Color blending techniques and special effects


 The 2.5-hour workshop consists of a 45-60 minute talk and visual presentation, followed by a break; with the remainder of the time for used for hands-on individual experimentation with color and mark making.


The talk will be filled with tons of beautiful visuals, vintage charts, inspiring color stories, mark making samples as well as examples from Tarot decks, art, design and films throughout history.


The activity portion of the evening will be devoted to putting the insights into practice with colored pencils and your very own copy of The Celestial Oracle Cards Coloring Book. During this time the artist will provide you with individual guidance and feedback.



You’ll leave the workshop inspired and fueled with:

– Your own copy of The Celestial Oracles Coloring Book

– A fresh take on divination and magic

– New insights on how to work with color in your own life

– An exciting start to a fulfilling craft project that you can continue at home – or in future Color Magic workshops!



The Details

New Dates Coming Soon



The Makery, Straßburger Str. 37, 10405 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg


Group Size

6-12 participants



45,-  Euros


What’s Included

The workshop price includes tea, water, light snacks and your personal copy of The Celestial Oracles Coloring Book. A selection of colored pencils*, erasers, sharpeners and blank paper will be provided.

*Got your own colored pencils? Bring em along and get even more value from of your evening with techniques you can replicate at home.

Who It’s For

– Coloring book lovers with a curiosity for Tarot and oracle cards

– Budding creatives wanting to expand their knowledge of color

– Crafty types wanting to create something by hand

– Fans of woo woo topics including astrology, numerology, divination and manifestation

– Folks wanting a to focus attention, intention and be more present


Looking for private group events that foster creativity, focus, mindfulness and empowerment – providing practical wisdom in an inspiring atmosphere? The Color Magic Workshop will infuse your guests with manifestation potential – and can be scaled to the size and format of your party or event.

Additional Workshops in the Series

Following on the heels of the introductory evening, additional workshops are lined up to explore more deeply into key topics. This way, you can continue to build on the coloring work you have already begun in The Celestial Oracle Cards Coloring Book, while collecting new wisdom and skills along the way.


You can join any of the workshops you wish, picking up valuable insights and new knowledge with each talk. There is no need to follow a specific sequence, as each topic is a stand-alone theme that will only help build on the information provided in the Introductory Workshop. Celestial Oracles Coloring Books are available for first-timers, while repeat attendees are invited to bring the books they have already started, to continue their card coloring process.


– Cinematic Color – Creating Color Stories with Dramatic Effect

– Color Studies of Objects and Images Using Colored Pencils

– Creating Color Stories & Personal Mood Boards

– Coloring Techniques – Lighting, Shading, Depth and Special Effects



– Symbolism Deep Dives – Learning the language of the cards

– The Occult History of the Tarot

– The Science of Magic – Dr. Dean Radin’s Research

– Archetypes and the Hero’s Journey



– Pamela Colman Smith – Artist Profile, The Rider Waite Tarot

– Lady Frieda Harris – Artist Profile, The Thoth Deck

– The Tarot in Contemporary Art – Artists and Methods

– Explorations of Identity in the Contemporary Tarot