The Celestial Oracle Cards

A coloring book for creating a deck of customized oracle cards that you can really use!

More than a set of beautiful graphics to fill with color and put on a shelf, The Celestial Oracle Coloring Book becomes a one-of-a-kind deck of highly personalised divination cards that you can use for years to come.


Complete with suggested card reading spreads and a clear interpretation guide, you have all you need to create a custom oracle deck, filled with your personal energy.


The easy, cut-and-glue format and clear instructions help  users of all skill levels achieve a full set of sturdy, double sided 3×5 inch cards. Plus, as a bonus, you get a duplicate set of the card pages for any re-do’s or alternate versions you want to make. 


Use the Celestial Oracle Cards on their own, or pair them with your favorite Tarot deck or Angel cards to enhance your readings with deeper insights, infused with your own energetic intentions. 

What’s Included


– 24 original designs

– 2 sets of cut-&-glue cards

– 6 bonus full-page designs

– 4 blank cards to create your own designs

– Easy, step-by-step card assembly guide

– Suggested card spreads  

– Card symbolism & interpretation guide

– Color testing page

– Generous 8.5 x 11 inch page

– Single-sided pages for no bleed through

Your Hands Make the Magic


Coloring the Celestial Oracles Cards offers a uniquely personal process of self-reflection and expression. What meanings do the keywords and illustrations have for you? What kind of energy will you infuse the cards with, as you bring them to life with your hands? Which colors will you choose?


As you fill in the designs, imagine your positive intention being embedded into the card, flowing down through your fingers and into the paper with the colors you use. 


This is where the magic happens.

Preparing Your Cards

Divide the page

Carefully remove the pages from the book when you are finished embellishing them, and cut along the center dotted line.

Fold At Dotted Line

Pre-fold your card front and back, following the dotted line. This will make the next step much easier to accomplish!

Get your Glue Stick!

Apply a thin layer of glue to the back side of the paper. Then re-seal following the fold line you already made.

Trim to Perfection

Once the glue is dried, simply trim the cards following the dotted line on the back side of the card. Ta da!

Who It’s For

The Celestial Oracle Cards Coloring Book is suitable for mystics and artists of all skill levels and ages. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a creative, relaxing activity with an introspective dimension. Tarot users, coloring book fans and paper crafters alike will love the practical results of their efforts, that can serve them for years to come. 


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