Easy Licensing Options

We strive to make commercial licensing of our graphics and templates as simple as possible with off-the-shelf extended licenses for limited production runs. If your production needs exceed these limits, feel free to get in touch and we can develop a custom license for your specific needs.

The Basics


When you purchase our digital graphics you receive high resolution files and a Personal Use License. You can create print and digital projects that you intend for personal use only. From making birthday cards to producing a set of jewellery, your creativity is the limit of what you can make. The one stipulation is that you don’t sell the things you create, or use them for a business.


In addition to personal uses, you may also license the graphics for commercial purposes by purchasing an extended license. We offer easy, off the shelf extended licenses for projects including:

– Business promotion on your website

– Social media

– Websites

– Online courses,

– Packaging

– Commercial products

Using the Graphics


In any cases where the final design/work is intended for public use, whether personal or commercial, the final design/work must be significantly different than the original graphic; require time, effort, and skill to produce; and not derive its primary value from the graphic itself. Please see these examples for illustration of acceptable and unacceptable uses.

The Terms

Personal Use License


The licensed asset can appear in a non-commercial project.


Can be used for:

– End Products Not For Sale

– One personal social media account with non-commercial activities


Cannot be used for:

– End products for sale

– Business social media accounts

– Physical or digital paid advertisements

– Native apps, web apps, or games

Extended Commercial Licenses


The licensed asset can appear in up to 2,500 / 5,000 end products for sale.


Can be used for:

– Up to 2500 / 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale

– One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee

– Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets

– Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions

– Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers


Cannot be used for:

– Native apps, web apps, or games

Our Extended Licenses

Request a Custom License

Not finding what you need in our standard license options? We’re happy to work with you to develop a custom extended license for your specific production needs. Simply get in touch and tell us a little about your production plans.


Please include these details:

– Which graphic(s) would you like to work with

– The product(s) you are making

– How you intend to use the graphic(s)

– Production quantities

– Region and mode of distribution