A world of amazing creatures awaits…

Explore realms of impossibility & wonder


The Unnatural History Coloring Book Collection introduces a growing series of grayscale coloring books for nature lovers of all ages; featuring never-before seen illustrations of impossible flora and fauna created with AI.


The six volume set includes detailed vintage scientific illustrations in the style of 19th century naturalists, biologists and botanists. With each book boasting over 100 fantastic new species in 36 beautiful plates, your imagination can run wild as you fill these pages with your favourite colors.

Each Volume Features


-36 original vintage illustration plates

-9 bonus plates from the other books in the series

-50% grayscale images, enhanced for easy coloring

-Great for beginners, with shaded illustrations to guide your way

-Velvety matte cover

-8.25 x 8.25 inch page size

-Single-sided pages for no bleed through

Inspired by a lifelong love for both scientific illustrations and the absurd, this series offers the opportunity to for nature lovers to explore bizarre new landscapes, filled with chimeric creatures and wild hybrid organisms. Whether you prefer plant life to sea life or long-legged stag beetles to waddibeasts, these six lushly detailed volumes have got you covered. What are you waiting for?!? Collect them all and get coloring!


Volume No. 1: Synthetic Sea Life


Volume No. 2: Impossible Animals


Volume No. 3: Incredible Insects


Volume No. 4: Fantastic Plants


Volume No. 5: Artificial Critters


Volume No. 6: Evolutionary Fails
/imagine:  a world of fantastic creatures to fill with color

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence with Midjourney to render these images, the Unnatural History Coloring Books are designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and creativity while escaping the screen and filling the pages with your favorite colors.

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Jump-Start Your Creativity

Join us for an inspiring evening, with a talk by the artist and time devoted to coloring these surreal creatures!  You’ll learn basic principals of color theory and fine art techniques for blending, shading, lighting and color mixing – and then put them into practice in the pages of these books. Elevate your coloring results in real time, with individual guidance and feedback from the artist.


Upcoming dates

October 24 & November 22, 2023


at The Makery, Berlin


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