The Tiny Car Lover’s Vehicle Log Books

Charming tools for keeping your car in check

Make routine automotive record keeping fun with these cheerful little vehicle log books, perfectly sized to fit in your glove box.


With a delightful cover featuring a swarm of colourful, hand drawn BMW Isetta tiny cars, these little record books are a great gift for vintage auto buffs, micro-car lovers and anyone who wants to make tax record keeping fun. Filled with over one hundred pages of elegantly designed and easy to use owner records, simple odometer charts, maintenance lists and places for notes.



– Clear, organised & easy to use

– Mid-century modern chart design

– Cream paper

– Handy 6″ x 9″ format with 108 pages

– Available in both soft bound and hardback versions

The Tiny Car Lover’s Vehicle Maintenance Log Book

What’s Inside 


This fun little maintenance book includes the following useful features:

– Owner, Vehicle and Log Book Info

– 25 Annual Checklists

– 10 Maintenance Log pages with space for notes

– 10 Additional Service pages with space for notes

The Tiny Car Lover’s Vehicle Mileage Log Book

What’s Inside 


This cheeky little mileage book contains the following handy features:

– Owner, vehicle and log book info

– Contact info

– 80 pages of vehicle mileage logs

– 10 pages for maintenance records and notes




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The Tiny Car Lover’s Vehicle Log Books are available worldwide on Amazon and Etsy.