The Solaris Tarot Journal

Spreads, Notes & Prompts for Enlightening Card Readings

The Solaris Tarot Journal is a handy notebook embellished with luxurious purple and gold Art Deco styling and designed specifically for recording your card readings. The thoughtful page layout and helpful prompts make it easy for you to keep track of your spreads and insights.


Created by a long time tarot enthusiast who’s been working with many types of oracle decks over many decades, this journal gives you all the tools you need
to support an enriching tarot card reading practice. 


With a velvety deep purple cover and soft cream paper, the book exudes a distinguished esoteric quality. On second glance it offers much more than just good looks. The detailed page design for both monthly and general readings offer space for many kinds of note-taking styles and helpful meditation prompts. Over time it will help create a valuable record of your personal readings – mapping your trajectory of growth. 

What’s Included


– Instructions for laying cards

– Five unique card spreads

– Pages for 12 monthly readings

– Pages for over 100 general readings

– Reading date and moon phase

– Deck used and card spread

– Reader’s question

– Space for up to twelve card spreads

– Space for interpretations, sketches, symbols and notes

– Prompts for insights, actions and meditations

Who It’s For


The Solaris Tarot Journal is suitable for card readers and mystics of all skill levels and ages. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a consistent and trackable way to record their divination readings and card pulls.




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Download the Solaris One Pager PDF



The Solaris Tarot Journal is available worldwide on Etsy and Amazon.