Perpetual Journals

Harness the power of positive thought

Created for using whenever the spirit moves you, these simple journals give you the dedicated place to track your affirmations, intentions and gratitude.


Write on the days you’re in the mood, skip the ones when life has other plans. The fill-in-as-you-go date fields ensure you never lose a day, you just pick up where you left off last time.


With 365 blank entries featuring helpful prompts, you have a full year of days for writing, even if it takes you a lifetime to fill them all.



– 365 days of un-dated entries

– Clean white paper

– Velvety matt cover

– Handy 6″ x 9″ format with 188 pages

– Available in both paperback and hardback versions

– Perfect for beginning at any time of year

– Great present for birthdays and mid-year celebrations


Who They’re For


These powerful little guided journals are perfect for people who are:

– Struggling with maintaining consistent writing practices

– Looking for a way to create healthy habits of self-reflection

– Needing a place to track their goals and intentions

– Wanting a flexible diary that is not bound to a calendar year

– Inspired to begin a journaling practice but don’t know where to start

– Wishing to practice affirmations regularly but just can’t keep a daily practice

– Looking for a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays and just because

Available in Five Versions, for Five Kinds of Person

Flow: A Perpetual Journal for Your Daily Mindfulness Practice
Today: A Perpetual Journal for Beginning and Ending Your Day Mindfully
I Am: A Perpetual Journal for Your Daily Affirmation Practice
Dawn: A Perpetual Journal for Your Morning Mindfulness Practice
Calm: A Perpetual Journal for Reflection at the End of Your Day




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Calm, Dawn, Flow and the others in the series, are available worldwide on Amazon.