The Creative Intelligence Report No. 01.2021


This past year has forced many of us inside, hunkering down and shielding ourselves against unprecedented health threats, environmental upheavals and political unrest.

It’s no surprise that calming and soothing environments, natural elements, warmer colors and soft textures have emerged as a balm for our woes.

From guided meditation videos to sourdough bread starters, we are reaching more and more for quiet and simple activities to sooth ourselves.

In one recent business example, the mindfulness app Calm’s valuation hit $2 billion in December of 2020, following its second round of funding – spurred on by the crisis fueled demand for more self-care resources and calming environments.

According to Shutterstock, people are moving away from the brighter colors of 2020, towards a gentler, natural range of hues.

From soft creams and rich golden tones to sea greens and silty browns, we’re excited to announce that for 2021, cosy, organic palettes and grounding, earthy designs are emerging in surprising new ways.