Unleash Your Imagination with Surreal Creatures & Fantastic Colors


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7-9:30 PM



The Makery, Straßburger Str. 37, 10405 Berlin

Join us for an engaging 2,5-hour workshop where we’ll first unravel the mysteries of color theory and explore blending techniques with colored pencils.  Then you’ll be let loose to experiment with this new knowledge in captivating coloring books showcasing surreal hybrid creatures in 19th century style scientific illustrations.



Color Theory:

• A gentle introduction to color theory
• The symbolic meaning & influence of colors
• Crafting color stories & mood boards
• Color examples in art, film, design & nature


Coloring Practice:

• Coloring tools and resources
• Mark-making techniques and tips
• Color blending techniques and special effects


The Journey

First, we’ll dive into the fundamental principles of color theory, where you’ll learn the art of crafting mesmerizing color stories. Drawing inspiration from samples found in art, film, and design, you’ll gain insights into the techniques professionals use to create visually captivating masterpieces.

Then, we’ll delve into mark making, blending, shading, mixing hues, and manipulating lighting. These hands-on exercises will equip you with essential skills to bring depth, harmony, and vibrancy to your coloring creations.

With these newfound abilities, you’ll unleash your creativity onto the pages of the “Impossible Animals” coloring book. Authored by your fearless workshop leader, this coloring book is a treasure trove of intricate illustrations that bring these remarkable creatures to life.

What You Get

• An introduction to color theory

• Insights for creating compelling color stories

• Helpful mark making techniques

• Tips for layering and blending colored pencils

• Individual help and feedback from the artist

• Complimentary water, tea and snacks

• Your personal copy of the Impossible Animals Coloring Book to take home



Who it’s for

• Creatives looking to expand their knowledge of color
• Coloring book fans with a love for unusual graphics
• People wanting a creative way to be more present in the moment
• Friends and groups wanting an inspiring activity to do together
• Lovers of fantastic creatures and bizarre, impossible animals


No prior experience is required! Whether you are a beginner or an seasoned artist looking to enhance your skills, this event is tailored to ignite your passion for color and unlock your creative potential.

The Details

General Information

Price: 45,- Euro incl MwSt.

Group Size: 4-12 participants

Duration: 2,5 hours – including break

Coloring books, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, visual materials, water, tea and light snacks will be provided.


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Looking for team events that foster creativity, self-confidence, mindfulness and focus – providing practical knowledge in an inspiring atmosphere? The Surreal Creatures Coloring Workshop for “Adults” does just the trick – and can be scaled to the size and format of your company event.

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