Hey Dad, Are You Out There?

A Simple Grief Journal with Gentle Prompts to Help You Heal After the Death of Your Father

Featuring easy instructions and 98 delicately lined pages, you have the perfect place to put all your messy emotions and thoughts that emerge in the grieving process after losing your dad.


Using the helpful questions and handy check boxes at the front of the book, you can chart your own course through your journalling journey. Pick one sentence at random or work down the list, checking them off as you go. The delicately lined pages are designed to write it all out, filling as many or as few sheets as you need for your thoughts.

What’s Inside


– Tips and tricks for using the journal

– 60 thoughtful prompt questions to inspire meaningful journalling

– 98 delicately lined pages with space for the date and your prompt

– Handy 6″ x 9″ format

– 108 pages

– Available in both paperback and hardback versions

Who It’s For


This powerful little grief journal is perfect for people who are:

– Struggling with the loss of their father

– Looking for a way to remember and reflect on memories of their dad

– Needing a safe place and simple format for writing out their feelings

– Wanting a supportive and flexible tool for healing

– Helping a friend or loved one through the grieving process

– Looking for a gift to present at funerals, wakes and memorial services

– Available in both paperback and hardback versions

Available in Several Versions

Hey Mom, Are You Out There?

All those things you never got around to telling to your mom need a place to go after she goes. This book gives you just the place and the prompts to get it all out. Write it down. Let it go.

Hey Baby, Are You Out There?

When your partner has passed but you still have things you want to say, you need a dedicated place to dump it. From fond memories of loving moments to feelings of guilt or unexpressed anger, this little book provides the perfect place to get things off your chest.

Hey Honey, Are You Out There?

Designed to help you process the loss of a spouse, this little grief journal provides just the prompts to get you into your feels and let ’em out all over the softly lined pages. It’s no good to keep your feelings bottled up! So write them down, right here.





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Hey Dad, Are You Out There? and the others in the series are available worldwide on Etsy and Amazon.