Unlock the power of your purpose


Date: Sept 17, 2023

Time: 15:30 – 19:00

Location: The Makery – Straßburger Str. 37, 10405 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg


Your personal brand is a powerful tool to help achieve your dreams, whether you’ve got your own business, art practice or are climbing the corporate ladder. It need not be slick or even remotely commercial, but it does need to be connected with your purpose – your personal “why”.


By finding your “why” and building from that place of alignment, you’ll begin to find greater personal satisfaction in your work, effectiveness in your projects and resonance with your audience.


But where do you even start? In this 3.5-hour workshop you’ll be personally guided through the process, asking powerful questions and receiving sage guidance as you identify and refine your personal “why”.


In This Workshop You’ll

• Identify your “why” and how you can use it in the world

• Discover your core archetypes and the superhero powers they hold

• Learn what strange attractors are and how to work with them positively

• Create mood board collages reflecting your personal themes



What You’ll Take Home

• Greater clarity about your “why” and tactics for applying it in your life and career

• Worksheets for future reference and further reflection

• Useful insights for developing a personal storytelling strategy

• Photos of your mood board collages that you can use to brief designers, marketers and support teams

How it Works

Together we’ll tap into the deeper, more fundamental emotional drivers that fuel your “why”, giving you clarity of purpose, inspiring fresh perspectives and new strategies for how to contribute your unique spark to the world. You’ll get a healthy blend of engaging presentation, inspired discussion, insightful exercises and sharing what feels comfortable with the group.


Exercises and activities will include guided Q&A sessions, worksheets, hand­outs and personal visual research with tear-sheets and a collage making session.


Who it’s for

• Solopreneurs wanting to enhance their branding authentically
• Creative professionals looking to align their purpose with their practice
• Artists & photographers desiring new ways to communicate their stories
• Career builders up-leveling their professional situation in alignment with their values

Workshop Details

Date: Sept 17, 2023

Time: 15:30 – 19:00

Location: The Makery – Straßburger Str. 37, 10405 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg


General Information

Price: 150,- Euro incl MwSt.

Group Size: 4-12 participants

Duration: 3.5 hours – including break

Writing materials, water, tea and light snacks provided


Looking for team events that foster self-awareness, clarity and personal empowerment – providing practical knowledge in an inspiring atmosphere? The Finding Your Why Personal Branding Workshop gives your team tools for developing themselves and their personal satisfaction, in both their workplace and personal lives. This workshop can be scaled to accommodate the size and format of your company event.